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Note on ALL testers.  The indicator will sit at an angle.  This is new.  It is easier to read and has less glare from overhead lights.  It also solved the problem of various indicator manufacturer's different hole position.  I have also started using a larger stamp for easier reading.


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Lead Tester


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Shown testing bullets and ingots.  It reads on a machinists dial indicator.  A conversion chart is included for SAECO and Brinnell readings.  Most people only use this as a reference when conversing with other casters.  They just use the dial readings as relative to what they are doing.  This unit is all steel and weighs around 5 pounds, almost indestructible.  It is black oxide coated.

Note: The dial indicator is fairly large and very easy to read.  One of the easiest to use testers on the market.

Mould Holder


Some changes have been made.  The jaws are longer and vented for better cooling, American hardwood handles with stain and finish

NEW, a brass lock screw has been added to the adjusting screw "T" nut to eliminate movement while in use.


The new model  WILL  fit large moulds also.  LEE 6 hole moulds will fit.

The handles fit Lyman, RCBS, Saeco, LEE and most custom/semi-custom moulds.  They DO NOT fit Hock nose pour (but can be modified to, I do not do the modifications, it will have to be done locally to fit your mould).

The new model holder:

new model MH.jpg (1564835 bytes)

This shows the new holder alongside a LEE 6 hole size handle.

new mh.jpg (4185286 bytes)


It produces better bullets by giving consistent pressure holding the mould.  Over a long casting session your hand pressure can vary slightly which causes bullet weight variation.  All most 100% of users say they are getting better bullets with less hand problems.


Case Iron  

This is a simple tool for repairing case mouths that have been damaged.

IMPROVED!!! We have made a small change in the nose (not shown) which makes taking dents out easier and faster.  Almost effortless.  This replaces the "assortment" of tools I used to use to do this.  It works on .22 > .50 cal.

Caseiron1.JPG (39437 bytes)Caseiron2.JPG (33130 bytes) One size fits all. Put the flat ahead of the dent and rotate into it.  The handle may vary from this photo.


Just a note to BPCR shooters:  Grind or file the point back and it can be used to fix a case the has been dented when the wad is already in.  I have dropped a case ready to put the bullet in and with the point it won't go in far enough so I ground the point off mine.  Works great and I rarely use mine for small cases.


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